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Our Price: $99.45
Our Price: $206.15
The Small Heat Iron with round flat head and heat tube:  Improved 100% Iron tip.  Enables technicians to apply hot air to the repair area by blowing gently through the plastic tube  A circular pad is mounted on the iron for direct heating of graining paper or grain mold  Takes little space in a repair kit for service calls, yet can be used with Heat Cure Compound for graining and curing techniques  Very economical Product Overview

Excellent for repairing long rips and tears in vinyl fabrics and vinyl upholstery. Even 15" long repairs can be made with this iron. Accurately balanced, durable, and has a built in heat control thermostat. 170 Watts. Teflon coated.
Furnished with a specially designed tip which fits over the nozzle of the gun to focus heat flow to a 1  4  diameter. Use to cure Mohawks Vinyl Repair Compound. Excellent tool to re-flow a repair for re-graining. New higher watt element cures compound faster. Use to repair small cuts, tears, punctures, abrasions and splits. 475 watts